Sunday School Lessons & Archive

Desert Cove Assembly invites you to join us for Sunday School, where we delve into the Word of God, apply His Word to our daily lives, and remind ourselves of the faith that is desperately needed in this day and age. Here’s a sneak peek of what we have coming up, and some recordings of past lessons for you to listen and be encouraged.
  1. The Downfall of Solomon
  2. Solomon’s Kingdom Divided
  3. The Disobedient Prophet
  4. God’s Plan of Provision
  5. God Answers by Fire
  6. Elijah, Elisha, and teh Mantle
  7. Miracles of Elisha
  8. From Famine to Plenty
  9. Finding the Lost Book
  10. The Voice of Conscience
  11. The Singing Army
            (MP3 Audio Available)
  12. From Prosperity to Leprosy
  13. Hezekiah’s House Cleaning