A Voice in the Desert

Welcome to the official webpage of Desert Cove Assembly (DCA). We hope you will find DCA to be a church that you just have to visit in-person. DCA loves to have visitors worship with us and become a part of our church family. It is our desire that the the love of God the Father and the power of the Spirit will be felt in the lives of all those who enter into our doors.

If you are looking for a mega-church, DCA cannot compete with the programs that they may have to offer. What we can offer is an atmosphere where the the Lord is free to work in the lives of His people while leading us into a deeper relationship with Him.

Go ahead and continue to explore the DCA website. We hope that it will lead you to our church where you can become a part of the family.

As pastor Martinez would say, “Our church is alive and worth the drive.”

We hope to see you soon!

City Reach Singing | “Marvelous Grace”

City Reach Singing | “The Blood”